Cooney & Co

Best Practices

At Cooney & Co. we always seek to make the latest and best building technologies available to our customers. Best Practices means that we’re careful to make sure that we sort through the hype, use common sense and our 30 plus years of construction experience to find the best way to meet our clients needs, ensuring that they get the best value for the high quality work they desire.

Green Practices

When it comes to Green Practices we see “green” not as a trend but as a common sense approach to building, an integral part of Best Practices. As Certified Green Building Professionals we infuse environmentally compatible building methods, sustainable and recycled materials and energy efficient products into each project. We are helping our customers attain the comfort and value they desire while also making their home a more healthful and energy efficient place. When it gets down to it, shouldn’t ‘Best’ Practices automatically include ‘Green’ Practices?”

We also want to ensure our clients make all the best choices when they select a contractor. We have included the list below to give you the tools you’ll need in making your selection and finding the right contractor for you.

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